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Offline work

While developing a mobile App, it is a must to consider work when the Internet is unavailable so that the users will have a possibility to look through the data and to alter them with the Apps synchronizing and updating on-line. Obviously, the Apps are more in demand among mobile devices users. The kind of Apps allowing for offline work are reliable helpers of your business.


Today the use of geoposition in mobile Apps provides for a lot of additional useful functions at various fields – anywhere from business processes control to your kids safety. GPS‐monitoring provides for efficient tracing of objects on-line, enabling you to control important events.

PUSH messages

The correctly developed push messages system can raise the users’ engagement and hence will raise the conversion of your sale. For example, the due notice from Internet‐store can turn a user into a buyer, while clever strategy of push messages sending will be quite useful and fuss-free.

Work with sound

It is an open secret that the majority of mobile devices owners often use them for audio and video. Various mobile players, mixers and equalizers are responsible for the quality of sound in your pad or smart phone. Today this type of mobile Apps is one of the most popular, which insures monetizing of the App and will raise its payability.

Files download

Integration of mobile App with cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Disc, Evernote etc. helps to amend the documents or download own files very quickly. The new level of service of such Apps makes the Apps more comfortable and thus more in demand in the modern society.

Social networks

Integration of mobile Apps with popular SNSs is not only a tribute to fashion, but also an additional possibility to tell millions of users about your business. The opportunity to share the interesting content with friends is an additional advertising channel. Note: here works the principle of social trust, which can significantly advance the brand popularity.


Today g-meter became a popular part of contemporary mobile devices. It is impossible to think about first-rate App without control of separate functions relied on incline of a smart phone or a pad. It is the g-meter that is in charge for supportive information display due to the spatial positioning.


The modern mobile Apps using the map data offer a completely new comfort level. It makes it possible to define a rout or the distance between the objects, to obtain the information about the nearest shopping malls and service centres etc. Mapping makes the mobile Apps maximum effective and popular among users, which insures monetizing.

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Mobile Apps for business provides your partners and employees with access to data through the Internet wherever they are, which allows for the latest corporate information on-line and on the basis thereof for strategic decision making. This is very convenient: it makes possible to reach the necessary documents and to execute business transactions from whatever part of the globe – that is a contemporary practice offered by business applications.

This type of mobile applications is necessary for those who is doing business with the В2С sector. Today over 30 % solutions related to ordering or buying is made with mobile devices. Apps offering to shop whenever it is needed are very convenient both for users and for your business. Integration of the application with data base will offer your clients exclusively the up-to-date information while the online payment systems will ensure payments with no delay.

Mobile games have become an integral feature of the modern times. We perform the full cycle of development of any game Apps starting from the concept and strategy of the game to polishing of the tiniest visual and sound effects. The final phase of entertainment applications development is moderation and placing of the project for sale, along with promotion and monetizing.

Currently traditional printed publications are being substituted by digital ones with the mobile devices going top. In view of this, the majority of News Media and media recourses expanding to mobile applications. In their turn, the SNSs help to share the content and to participate in discussions.

Today promo-applications offer one of the most effective promotion for products. Normally, such App can include the user guide, video tutorial and feedback for solving any problems, as well as for purchasing of basic products and cross-sells. Today they keep the market share of over 30%, the modern cartographic services and promo-applications ensure high efficiency both for local and for big businesses.

What are
used for
information search
leisure time
House keeping,
pets care
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fitness, sport

The Work Stages

and business modelling

Elaborating of a concept based upon the mobile Apps market, approval by the client


Creation of a project working prototype for the functions visualizing in real-time mode

Graphic design

Creation of an intuitive interface and x-plat is a win-win solution

Programming and
code refactoring

Use of native code while creating Apps for every mobile platforms

debugging and audit

Control at all stages of development, manual testing and debugging of the functionality

and support

Bringing of the App to mobile markets. Maintenance and analytics

Promotion and

Comprehensive promotion of an App at the market, updates, promotion

successfully done projects
Kitty Jump
Free colorful “jumper” with cute characters and cheerful music. Jump higher, beware of obstacles, earn points and spend them in the internal shop for buying extra characters and bonuses.
Jump up from platform to the platform and get stars. Be attentive, because the platforms are made of different materials – each platform has its own strength. Use extra bonuses to climb higher and quicker.
Mom Jane
Hello, I'm Mom Jane and I'll take care of your mood!
I will bear your mood up all working day long! You can personalize me. My smart algorithms will select the phrase just below your mood! Our database is constantly updated with the phrases.
StarCloud Game
Install «StarCloud» and put under your control all opponent's planets! Here is the most exciting strategy game that will not let you be bored, for mobile devices on the Android Market. Your goal in this game is to prove that you are able to defeat the enemy in an unequal battle on any map, destroying all his ships and conquered the planets.
Move your ships from planet to planet in order to capture them and to increase your fleet to the maximum. Avoid the combined fleet of the enemy, which would then deliver the knockout blow. Or you can destroy it in the beginning? You choose the tactics!
Firm Payments

Working out of an adaptive interface of the payment system FirmPayments. The company serves its customers in 85 countries and more than 60,000 points of payments worldwide and we help to do this using smartphone.
- UI/UX/IA design;
- programming of the code;
- testing, debugging and auditing;
- support.

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