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Any brand starts from its name and visual representation. Initially, about 80‐85% people absorb information mainly by eyes. Therefore, it is the correctly developed logotype that will be best remembered for it forms associated perception while corporate style and other visual elements of your brand will facilitate the company image and recognisability, thus, the company will earn customer loyalty amid business rivals.

First of all styling of Apps gives visual comfort and sound usability. Secondly, the application with user-friendly interface has a qualitative structure, intuitive and allows the user to move from one App page to another easily. The Apps with such interface provides for optimal conversion that will ensure the highest possible monetizing.

The up-to-date web design implies not the only combination of an expert usability and qualitative design, but also the deep understanding of business processes, behavioral factors, and consumers way of thinking. Contemporary web design is acceptable and free of visual noise, which is crucial. The sophisticated placing of info units and interacting elements allows for correct emphasis on the very information that is commercially important. It is this kind of design that can turn a visitor into a client.

Outdoor advertising (external advertising) is a traditional part of a large advertising campaign strategy. The advertisement located on any city streets shall spread the information among thousands of perspective customers, shall facilitate the brand confidence and shall make it recognizable. The key objective of this kind of advertisement is to create a simple clean design that will make a big impression and will work in the would-be clients’ subconscious mind.

The qualitative design of printworks is as the essential component as an effective logotype and corporate style. All the corporate printed material – business cards, catalogs, booklets etc. – is a strategic tool for interaction with business partners or end consumers. A good design of the printworks will support your company image for the longest time.

The Work Stages

Setting of
business goals

Elaboration of a corporate style concept, of the advertizing campaign on basis of the market and competitors analysis


Development of the project interface and function taking into account the behavioral factors and consumers’ way of thinking

Concept, sketches
and storyboards

At this stage the artwork of a project concept includes sketches and storyboards

of mock-ups

Development and rendering of a project with a conceivable architecture and handy usability

Colour grading
and retouching

Pictures processing for later use for promotional purposes

Adjustment of mock-ups
in accord with requirements

Adjustment of the mock-ups in accordance to the requirements for web‐products and printworks

Project startup

The project startup, its maintenance and A/B testing with the purpose to boost the conversion

successfully done projects
The insurance company ASKA has been working at providing tranquility and confidence in the future of their clients and is a professional leader in their field. Light and stood in a corporate style at the same time, design of the website meets mission of the company: “Reliable company, which is close to people”. Illustrations of the website had been thought meticulously and inherit their purpose on the website. The main image is interactive map of company’s services.

For the company Ipopo there was developed a useful gift service. Have children choose their presents - whatever they want. Distribute this list to all the relatives and friends by e-mail or share on social networks. Friends and relatives will be happy to make all the children's wishes come true, and children will be delighted to receive their dream gifts. You just need to choose a gift, click on "present" and fill in a standard online payment form. This gift will be immediately marked as presented. While working at the project we developed a signature style, characters and animation, as well as social networking applications, developed service infrastructure and a complete service for creating wish lists.


A modern corporate website, with a stylish, responsive design and animated interactive elements developed for a group of engineering companies specializing in installing high-tech integrated engineering systems in various purposes buildings.


The service allows for buying on-line.
Thanks to integration with modern booking systems (GDS) our project offers tickets for different flights of over than 500 airline companies via Internet.
The system of tickets search and booking will help to find the optimum flight at the optimum price in any direction and date.

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