Promotion and marketing services

Decisions for
Involving of
Reliable entrance
to the market
Evaluation of media
channels and
and advertising campaigns
of reputation and
with the brand
Formation of a
company positive image
Cost efficient start
of sale even today
App Store

Efficient instrument for business goals achievement. The proper search optimization will ensure the leading organic results. In consequence the site will be more frequently visited by the intended audience and conversions on the web-site. Today SEO reflects the all-up business position in the market, as well as its efficiency. SEO is a traditional and the most profitable channel for attraction of clients from the Internet.

Optimizing of a site to adjust social media allows for easier engagement with the SNSs’ users, hence, the brand will be more recognizable and trusted. The good strategy of the advertising campaign in SNSs will spread the information about any product quickly, at that the consumers will receive the information in their “comfort zone”, which will turn a user into a real client.

The good goal setting of a media campaign will facilitate a correct strategy of its conducting. Today media campaigns do every task brilliantly ­ the brand is brought to the market, the sale of the goods and the services are increased.

Includes analysis of the intended audience, tendencies, trends of market and consumer's psychology. Indeed, nowadays the Internet is being developing and changing at the jet speed and while driving a new product to market it is of critical importance to take into consideration the segment where the prospective customer is, to understand the customer’s tasks, and finally to solve thereof. Based on the found evidence there will be developed detailed a media plan/targets/KPIs of all the parts of advertising campaigns for your business promotion.

Formation of a company positive image and gaining of a targeted audience loyalty is the most interesting and at the same time the most tricky part of any advertising campaign. If a brand is already on the Internet it implies feedback from its targeted audience through SMM of the campaigns and technologies of crowd­marketing. The specialist works within the consumer’s “zone of confidence”, which allows for “hidden” and effective marketing instruments.

It is one of the quickest and the most efficient types of advertising. The flexible settings of context advertising ensure the information reaches its targeted audience. This type of advertising is based on transparent means and reports, which allows you to analyze the efficiency of various segments of your business on-line and to optimize the campaign within the shortest possible time, thus, it is a cost-effective type of ad.

Popularization and monetizing of mobile Apps. Every mobile App that appears at an App store requires a qualitative promotion, otherwise, there could always be risk it will remain expendable. Prior the start of promotion our specialists will analyse the product and will do everything necessary for its optimizing for the requirements of the search engines. This will speed up the product to the top places in the markets’ internal search, thus increasing the number of the App downloads. The place in the TOP of App Store or Google Play will ensure the needed monetizing of the App and will raise its solvency.

The Work Stages

Analysis of on-line market
and competitors

Study of the market tendencies and marketing strategies of competitors, which is needed for effective campaign

The resource
technical optimizing

The resource shall be updated in terms of software so that to improve its tagging and visibility for search engines

Debugging of targets
and systems of web analytics

Specifying of conversion activities and thorough setting of the web analytics systems

Setting and startup
of advertising campaigns

Data collecting and debugging of business processes for optimum presentation of the advertising campaigns in the Internet

А/В testing and analysis
of the traffic quality

А/В testing for optimizing of conversion and traffic quality improvement

KPIs and
ROI push up

Analysis of the business goals achievement and rise in profitability of investment in advertising

successfully done projects
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