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Corporate sites
for market leaders
Portals and
social networks
highload class
with high
for business processes
Promotional websites
Viral popularity
and conversion
Adaptive design
and mobile Apps

We create innovative sites that will emphasise your company status and will tell your clients about the advantages. At the beginning, we learn all details related to your business and on the basis thereof we propose an amount of design and functionality so that to tailor the project for the target consumer. Within our work we apply the state-of-the-art technologies and Sparkle Design best practice, in so doing we create modern and handy sites.

We know how to create portals and social networks, which have high usability for users and webmasters. Our solid experience in developing of high-load projects allows us to avoid successfully various pitfalls at different stages and to create a project, which meets the world class standards. In our work we use flexible project management techniques, that ensures an excellent teamwork, strict follow-up, and eliminates budget overruns.

The brand design and clear for a user site architecture are essential elements essential components of a good-quality Internet store. It is the company brand and the site that form the first impression that impacts the customers' trust and loyalty. That’s why we start developing of a making a sale Internet shop from a logically built site prototype. The site prototype incorporates not only all the nuances of your business but also takes into account the consumer's psychology, peculiarities of Internet marketing and the last web-design trends.

Online-services application in business is growing wide day by day. Internet-banking, booking and order forms, tools for business processes optimization and control are the most popular services, which help to automate the typical processes and release your staff’s time to solve more complex and useful tasks. By default online-service should be understandable and easy to operate. We create intuitive web services that will allow you to reach a new level and increase your business profitability.

Main goal of a landing page or promotional website is to attract user’s attention and to direct him/her to conversion steps. Using the state-of-the-art layout technologies and proper arrangement of landing page elements, our sites load quickly and display correctly on all types of devices. Bright, modern design and impressive animation will make your site more recognizable and memorable that will allow you to gain new clients and increase the conversion significantly.

Under the age of mobile technologies, a majority of businesses gradually transfer to the Internet and to mobile devices of potential buyers. Today 65% of them use smartphones or tablets to look for the nearest perfumery shop, SPA salon, restaurant or home appliance store, with 40% purchasing on the same day. Sparkle Design team specializes in the development of most “handy” websites for users of all types of devices, which ensures advertisement flexibility and profitability on the Internet.

The Work Stages

Briefing and analytics

We introspect into clients’ business and study the project goals, develop customized solution for all tasks

UX/UI design

Based on the stated goals and tasks, we develop all the components of future product’s interface thoroughly

Graphic design

We create an efficient and interesting design for every component. In our team we have the best designers


We approach materialization of design with visual effects and obtain the final implementation of future web-product


We implement the scripts and enliven plugins. Now the overall visual functionality will become accessible to a user

Testing and debugging

We check thoroughly every element’s operability, make adjustments to design and layouts if necessary


We make the website accessible for first visitors from the web search engines and other channels; perform A/B testing

successfully done projects
Brand "Credit Market" is part of the Financial Company "Financial Solutions Center". A history of the company began in 2008, and today the network CreditMarket consists of 73 own offices and 90 sales outlets. New script of user's behavior has been implemented for the web-site "creditmarket", considering set goals and objectives as well as target audience's needs, have been accurately developed design and technical implementation. Website has an adaptive layout , i.e. is universal for desktop and mobile devices and conveniently viewed on them.
BEKKER - a company specializing in the sale of professional audio and video products for home theater, stereo, multi-room systems, karaoke, smart home, etc. At the design stage we have identified a number of key pages of the project, developed the script with user interaction site (the key target audience of the project). The main task of the project was to simplify the search and order products, thereby increasing the number of orders. We paid special attention to the cards of the product in the showcase catalog. The showing rating and the stock sign have been provided additionally.

The service allows for buying on-line.
Thanks to integration with modern booking systems (GDS) our project offers tickets for different flights of over than 500 airline companies via Internet.
The system of tickets search and booking will help to find the optimum flight at the optimum price in any direction and date.


A modern corporate website, with a stylish, responsive design and animated interactive elements developed for a group of engineering companies specializing in installing high-tech integrated engineering systems in various purposes buildings.


For the company Ipopo there was developed a useful gift service. Have children choose their presents - whatever they want. Distribute this list to all the relatives and friends by e-mail or share on social networks. Friends and relatives will be happy to make all the children's wishes come true, and children will be delighted to receive their dream gifts. You just need to choose a gift, click on "present" and fill in a standard online payment form. This gift will be immediately marked as presented. While working at the project we developed a signature style, characters and animation, as well as social networking applications, developed service infrastructure and a complete service for creating wish lists.

This is but a little part of our experience.
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of experience
Challenging tasks
Work with largest companies
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