Solutions for
business on-line
Document workflow, Regulatory
and Administrative
Documents, solutions
for accounting etc.
and billing
Development, implementing
and integration of
payment and
billing solutions
Media solutions
of various scale
of business
Interoperation with
all types of
corporate data
Reporting procedure
data visualisation

Control over business processes at any time and any place. Seamless access to the consumer and media information for clients 24/7 on stationary devices, smartphones, tablets, and LED‐panels. The Sparkle Design team has an experience in development of large multilingual trading sites (integration with CRM, ERP, payment gates), tourists Internet portals (working through API with Aviasales, Booking etc.), training/educational and scientific applications (requiring Big Data, NVidia CUDA and software language of R, MatLab, С++/ASM level). Today this kind of Apps for business is an excellent marketing instrument ensuring high profitability.

Document workflow automation starting from the digital document drawing up to an approval of a number of senior officers within BPMN. User solutions by Sparkle Design, as well as custom designed accounting forms will organize and normalize the documents flow, will help the employees to work with documents (registration, search, amendments etc.) and with other employees (notices, tasks, documents handing over).

The end-to-end cycle including development and implementing of automated payment systems that allow the clients to deal with real and virtual currency. Integration of the similar services with internal corporate systems both for double-entry bookkeeping and for external API (banking payment gates etc.). A severe conformity to standards of safety based on transactions reserve copies onto an external server and work with SSL certificates ensures minimum risks of crack or fraud.

The streaming multimedia provides for a wide variety of interaction within the corporate net and with the end users. Audio and video contents, broadcasting of webinars and meetings will advance your business. Our specialists will serve multimedia information to the end users globally through seamless digital streams.

Complex solutions for management of business resources and for control over key indices. Corporate information systems following the business unique features, which will ensure convenient work with all types of data. The Sparkle Design team can offer the most flexible solutions both based on its own best practice and within integration of additional functional units to existing CRM/ERP/CallCenter.

Efficient system allowing for analysis of business processes and decision making. Furnishing of analytic reports in a shape of graphic information (e.g. sales funnels and/or book-keeping from different points of view) easing perception of large amounts of data and in so doing speeding up the information processing. Deployment of the kind systems improves business‐planning facilitating its maximum precision and ensures efficient business performance.

The Work Stages


Development of a concept of a future software product taking into account the business unique features

Analysis of a process

The Sparkle Design team will probe into every detail of the business processes and document control procedure concerned

Selection of technologies

Selection of software programming languages, server hardware, necessary API etc.

and documents

Structure of the project, BPMN, Technical Design Assignment, documents approval

Project execution

Preparatory works and programming, debugging of the functionality and integration of external API


All-level analysis and testing of the software, soft spotting and debugging


The first stable release of the software product, implementation and start-up

Analysis of users’

User’s feedback related to the software in business environment and corresponding optimizing

The next iteration

Development of new cycle based on analytic data, usability and business processes

Trusting your project to an experienced developer you’ll obtain access to a wide technological expertise, proven practice of project management and quality control, as well as a possibility to chose the most efficient and the least expensive collaboration model.
Programming languages, libraries .NET (С#, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, WCF, WPF, Entity Framework, ADO.Net, SOA, Rest)
Programming languages, libraries Java (Java EE, J2SE, EJB, JMS, Java for Android, Spring, Vaadin, Hibernate, RMI, JPA, JDBC, SOA, Rest)
Programming languages, libraries PHP (PHP, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL (T-SQL), OpenGL, VRML, VTK 2.0, VXML (Voice XML)
Programming languages, libraries С/С++ (MS Visual C++, GCC, MFC, Sockets, STL, WTL, Multithreading, GDK, GTK+, LibXML)
Programming libraries JavaScript: (AJAX, Web 2.0, Rest, JSON, WebSockets + Node.js)
Objective C, Swift, Java for Android and BlackBerry
Game Development
Unity3d, Python, NGUI, UGUI, Google Play Services, Game Analytics, Flurry, ActionScript (AS2, AS3), Flash Animation, Flex, Silverlight
successfully done projects
At the design stage we have identified a number of key pages of the project, developed the script with user interaction site (the key target audience of the project). The main task of the project was to simplify the search and order products, thereby increasing the number of orders.
We paid special attention to the cards of the product in the showcase catalog. As the main target audience of the company - are professionals seeking a specific position, the equipment - Item card is made as simple as possible to quickly add to the cart, to compare. The showing rating and the stock sign have been provided additionally.

The service allows for buying on-line.
Thanks to integration with modern booking systems (GDS) our project offers tickets for different flights of over than 500 airline companies via Internet.
The system of tickets search and booking will help to find the optimum flight at the optimum price in any direction and date.


For the company Ipopo there was developed a useful gift service. Have children choose their presents - whatever they want. Distribute this list to all the relatives and friends by e-mail or share on social networks. Friends and relatives will be happy to make all the children's wishes come true, and children will be delighted to receive their dream gifts. You just need to choose a gift, click on "present" and fill in a standard online payment form. This gift will be immediately marked as presented. While working at the project we developed a signature style, characters and animation, as well as social networking applications, developed service infrastructure and a complete service for creating wish lists.
Brand "Credit Market" is part of the Financial Company "Financial Solutions Center". A history of the company began in 2008, and today the network CreditMarket consists of 73 own offices and 90 sales outlets. New script of user's behavior has been implemented for the web-site "creditmarket", considering set goals and objectives as well as target audience's needs, have been accurately developed design and technical implementation. Website has an adaptive layout, i.e. is universal for desktop and mobile devices and conveniently viewed on them.
Online-shop «» is a team of professionals working in the field of e-commerce since 2006.
The range of shops - TV, audio, video, home appliances and IT from the best manufacturers.
This is but a little part of our experience.
15 years
of experience
Challenging tasks
Work with largest companies
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