Digital expertise and planning

UX expertise
Optimization of
work with
digital product
Analysis of the
Analysis of analogous
businesses’ marketing
Complex market
analysis and definition
of advertising
Analysis of the
digital audience
Study of prospective
customers’ portraits
Ad Hoc
optimization of advertising
of digital-
Analysis of cost-
efficiency of the
current advertising

Complex analysis for improvement of the digital products effectiveness in terms of their usability, logic and mechanisms. Comprehensive assessment of interworking scenarios and examination of the software product (site or application) will help to optimize it taking into account all the KPIs and the requirements for monetizing.

Complex analysis of presence and visibleness on the Internet of the main business rivals, as well as a quantitative and qualitative assessment of their advertising digital‐campaigns. Detailed SWOT analysis of marketing strategy of the company business rivals, conclusions and recommendations with subsequent implementation of the needed projects.

Analysis of the digital environment of a would-be client for an economically rational advertising campaign. Understanding of the goals and tasks of a client will be useful for a strategy of a brand presence on the Internet. On grounds of the analytic data, there is developed a detailed media plan for cost effective advertising channels. In such a way there will be advertised new products and there will be retained the target customers that consume the existing ones.

Analysis of a target customers’ portraits in liaison with an understanding of the net users’ motivation always make the essential elements of a successful advertising campaign. It is necessary to find the most loyal niches to attract consumers ‐ e.g. passengers of subway stations, Facebook publics, housewives’ forums etc. On the basis of the carried out analysis there will be specified the appropriate formats of interaction and target advertisement channels and the corresponding KPI system will be built. From henceforth this KPI system will be used for appraisal of the users’ behaviour efficiency.

While advancing a project, there can arise the most diverse tasks and objectives because the contemporary online market is being all the time converted. For instance, you need to split the data in Google Analytics into segments according to the type of user path in a website online, to trace the purchase funnel and to reorganize the structure of landing pages. The similar time-sensitive changes and Split Tests will help to know the most appropriate channels for promotion and will increase the profit many-fold over just a few days.

It is a required step to appraise (obtain evaluation data) the efficiency of an advertising campaign. The target traffic for all the channels concerned and the level of the target activities conversion will be analysed. This will be carried out for a promo‐site, for a special project, for a mobile App etc. Then, on the basis of the obtained data, there will be done planning of a marketing strategy and adjustment of the advertising campaign. As a rule, this kind of expertise is carried out for current projects and is prepared as a standalone product.

The Work Stages

Setting of
business goals

Tailoring of a project team, probing into the business and setting of tasks

Analysis of the
current marketing

Audit of the current digital‐activities and advertising channels, appraisal of their efficiency


Overall picture of competitors' behaviour and their marketing in the niche

Building and optimisation
of the digital‐platform

Elaboration of an advertising campaign strategy and selection of the necessary promotion tools


Selection of an advertising campaign format and media‐channels for user interaction

Support and
efficiency analysis

Monitoring and processing of statistics, Ad Hoc expertise, time-sensitive adjusting

successfully done projects
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For the company Ipopo there was developed a useful gift service. Have children choose their presents - whatever they want. Distribute this list to all the relatives and friends by e-mail or share on social networks. Friends and relatives will be happy to make all the children's wishes come true, and children will be delighted to receive their dream gifts. You just need to choose a gift, click on "present" and fill in a standard online payment form. This gift will be immediately marked as presented. While working at the project we developed a signature style, characters and animation, as well as social networking applications, developed service infrastructure and a complete service for creating wish lists.


A modern corporate website, with a stylish, responsive design and animated interactive elements developed for a group of engineering companies specializing in installing high-tech integrated engineering systems in various purposes buildings.

The insurance company “ASKA” has been working at providing tranquility and confidence in the future of their clients and is a professional leader in their field. Light and stood in a corporate style at the same time, design of the website meets mission of the company: “Reliable company, which is close to people”. Illustrations of the website had been thought meticulously and inherit their purpose on the website. The main image is interactive map of company’s services.
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